Person Holding White Ceramic Teapot and Pouring Tea in CupIt’s early morning; I’m sitting on my balcony and all hear is the chirping of the birds. I breathe a deep sigh of relief and connectedness. An image of me sitting in the middle of a forest on a cold crisp morning pops into my head. This is why I’m so addicted to traveling. It becomes a space of just me and the birds. Myself and life. Relaxed, Carefree and unplugged. When I say unplugged, I don’t necessarily mean from devices as you may visualise. Unplugging is often isolated to something you do in the wilderness away from smartphones and tablets. Unplugging goes deeper than that. Unplugging is a disconnection from the chaos of life, which comes in multiple forms, one being an over-reliance on social media. It’s not the devices fault, but the choice of the user who feels somehow living plugged into someone’s else’s life gives them satisfaction. Unplugging is an act of separating ourselves from what doesn’t align with our values and our heart-centred desires.

Children, family, group, parents icon 'Healthcare - Set 3' by Delwar Hossain - 웹9 easy ways to start unplugging1. This is the chaos that controls your life and causes it to lose its meaning slowly. Unplugging from the chaos is a theme of our travel blog – accumulating memories and moments, not just possessions. It’s why we travel so much and encourage you to do the same. Travel helps me stay connected to within, despite being plugged into my devices. I use it for its purpose – a communication tool – not as a means to turn me away from what’s important because I don’t know what that is, or I’m too afraid to join it. I love going into the Wilderness to digitally unplug (and am this weekend), but it’s not what my soul and body craves for well-being. Unplugging from life’s chaos is what it craves more. I want plug in to peace, joy, and Zen. That comes when you live in alignment with your truth and close connection to the sound of the birds and the joy in your heart.

We created the tagline for our American Unplugged journey to reflect this unplugged lifestyle. We want you to strip back America and show us it’s unplugged secrets. But, at the same time, it’s about our journey of unplugging from the chaos. Saying no to the fears and the things that don’t serve us, and saying yes to our dreams, and to the life connection we crave. Through our America Unplugged journey, we want to show you how to unplug from the all-consuming chaos to follow your heart more. Embrace travel. Say no to the demands. Have adventures. Live moments. Unplugging from the chaos for me means a life of constant travel. That might not be your unplugging. The key to unplugging is tuning into YOU. What does an unplugged life look and feel like to you. We believe travel is one of the best ways to unplug to reconnect, which is why we have this blog, and I guess why you read it!

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We’re going to be helping you more to find ways to unplug from the chaos in your everyday life more, whether it’s through travel or not. Learning to unplug takes time – we’re all so freaking hardwired into those power points. Start the gradual entangling. A few things each day to gently unwind. Here are a few things I embraced that helped me eventually adopt a more unplugged lifestyle. When that first pull begins I can guarantee your day will become a domino effect of endless pulls. Before you know it, it’s 9 pm and you’re collapsing in bed with eyes already closed. Where’s the time for you? It’s essential to slot time in for yourself the minute you wake up. If that means you wake a little earlier, than wake. You’ll soon discover the benefits of starting your day with you. Even, if you can only manage five minutes, then do it. I gift almost an hour to myself of a morning. If for some reason, the chaos takes control back and I miss it, I notice the discontent and grumblings within.

If you can’t do this, ask yourself why? What are you fearing? Why would you avoid giving yourself some quiet serenity and time just to listen to the birds and the beating of your heart? I promise you, you deserve it. NEVER make social media the first thing you bring into your world of a morning. You open social media you get pulled into other people’s dramas and demands, and you lose control. Nobody else is more important than you. Give yourself space to breathe and connect with YOU. What’s important to your day today? Five minutes to breathe, contemplate, and feel grateful for breathing is the perfect start. Meditation (chakra cleansing) on my balcony for at least 20 minutes, sometimes an hour. This is the meditation I started with. I no longer use it as Belinda’s course taught me how to do it myself. Quiet time to watch the sunrise and listen to the birds.


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