When a home has a well maintained lawn if not only looks beautiful but also draws attention. It becomes a place that your guests and family will want to gravitate toward. You will find that instead of the kitchen being the one area in the home that is the center of activity the area outside will be where your friends and family will want to be. A lawn that is cared for lends itself to lounging, parties, games and a variety of other entertaining options. A home on water or a home with a bonfire pit often becomes the home which is utilized for all the fun gatherings amongst friends. In order to maintain a healthy lawn that looks and feels like a space people want to be it will take a lot of hard work. People often find they are so busy in the spring, summer and fall that hiring out the lawn maintenance chores is often more practical and cost effective. Professional landscapers are not only available for landscape design and landscaping installation but can also be hired to maintain the lawn year round.

Let them spend the countless hours making your home’s lawn the envy of the neighborhood while you are able to reap the benefits a beautiful landscape offers. If hiring a professional is not within your budget or if you prefer to work in the yard yourself the benefits to having a lush lawn are not the only ones you will be receiving. Many professionals in the health field will advise that gardening helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It allows for time in nature which helps reduce stress and keep individuals moving and fit. The following tips may help your lawn to stay updated and desirable along with keeping you, the homeowner, happy, healthy and stress free. Not everyone who enjoys gardening and lawn maintenance is an expert. This is why before you begin taking on all the lawn cores you need to get to know your lawn and landscape.

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There are a variety of grasses that can be chosen to be the base within your landscape. The right grass seed will give the lawn a whole new look and feel. The type of grass you pick will allow you to properly maintain your lawn and allow you to make the future arrangements, such as fertilizing and proper watering, to maintain the lawn and keep it beautiful. Just remember with the variety of lawn seeds comes a variety of prices. It is important for homeowners to create a budget, set preferences for feel and color and take in to account the time and temperature needed to grow the seeds verse the time and temperature of your area. Before you purchase anything consider the above and you are guaranteed a choice that the results will leave you pleased. The lawns soil is critical to the success of your lawn. Without a solid foundation for your seed you are wasting time and effort as well as funds. You will want to start with a healthy base soil that has the texture, essential nutrients and acidity balance needed for perfect soil.

Flickr - DFID - Access to healthcare after the floods.jpg DFID : "Munawar is twenty-five years old and has been married to her husbandDetermine the quality of soil you currently have with a basic soil test. From here you can improve the quality of your soil using organic compost, manure and grass and leave clippings. In order to keep the nutrients needed for a healthy lawn it is important to provide fertilization to your grass. There is a balance that needs to be created. Over fertilization can lead to issues and over fertilization can too. The key ingredients to healthy soil, thus a healthy lawn, are the right balance of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. It is best to seek advice from professionals if you are having issues or want clarity when it comes to the nutrients needed in your soil. This is true for landscaping plants and bushes that enhance a lawn as well. These few basic tips should have you well on your way to a terrific base product for entertaining your family and friends. Lawn maintenance and upkeep is not overly difficult if the right balance of time and energy is given to the task at hand. Once you have a base lawn the landscape design will fall into place. Your lawn will become the outer layer you desired as a base on the canvas of your home.

We reported in August that PFH was in negotiations to sell its Arkansas operations. The decision was forced following the state’s decision to suspend the nonprofit from the Medicaid program after indictments of a former executive for paying kickbacks to legislators to aid business with the state, illegal campaign contributions and other misdeeds. 36 million a year from the state to provide a variety of services at 45 sites in Arkansas. PFH had continued to provide services in a transition period. The situation has now changed. Since June, we have been in ongoing discussions with TrueNorth to acquire all of our Arkansas operations, knowing the smoothest transition for clients and employees would be to transfer all of our remaining work to one entity. Despite everyone’s best efforts, it has become clear transferring all of our services is not feasible under mutually agreeable terms. We appreciate the dialogue with TrueNorth and anticipate discussions may continue with them and other providers regarding specific parts of our business.


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