Eco lawncare is simply taking good care of your lawn in an ecologically sound way. Before there was chemical artificial additives to kill off the insects and weeds that plague our lawns there were completely natural ways in which worked just as well. Those natural ways still exist we have just gotten in the action of believing what the chemical companies tell all of us. Habits are hard to break, but we should break this one. It truly is bad for the health of our planet not forgetting our families. All those chemicals we use on our lawns and back gardens are getting into our drinking water supply. Eco lawncare is a fairly easy way of steering clear of having to acquire a normal water filtration system for your home so as to make certain the water your loved ones drinks will not hurt them. There are many products on the market that are environmentally safe basically just like the chemicals you are being used to using.

Some of these products are Ground Booster Seaweed Fertilizer, which is a natural organic and natural fertilizer, and Wow Pre-Emergent Herbicide. They do the same jobs as their chemical counterparts. They just don’t harm the environment or your family. They may be safe organic and natural lawn attention choices. Eco lawncare doesn’t always have to mean buying products. It can be as simple as not slicing your grass so brief. Taller grass blocks the sun from reaching bud seeds so they not have the chance to expand. Leaving your grass a little taller also promotes it to spread and fill in bare sections. It encourages the underlying systems to grow more deeply in the soil so that it takes less drinking water to keep your grass healthy. Simply by rearing your mower blade you can solve many of your lawn problems. All of us only get one globe; it only makes sense to do what we can to be certain this one stays as healthy as we can. Environmental lawncare products and habits can be a step in the right course. For more about organic and natural lawn care products, visit my website. There, likely to find principles for getting the greenest, fullest yard possible. You’ll also find business packages, tools and equipment for your grass care needs, whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or full-time garden care professional.

  • U.S. Healthworks
  • Provide plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products
  • Explain carbohydrate counting and meal planning techniques
  • Put workouts on your calendar so you keep them. Set exercise clothes out the night before

If only we could get enough properties and people paying us rent and accumulate passive income we would be free – that was the dream remember! Raleigh, North Carolina is a fantastic city in which to live. It’s affordable, has a young population, a great location, a happening college vibe and sports scene. We have amazing friends there, and a ton of memories. It’s hard to explain to people when we have been all over the world that we would love to live again in Raleigh. But some places just get under your skin. Raleigh also had a solid real estate market. It’s not like west coast USA or Florida with huge spikes and troughs in the market. It just gradually chugs along. However, every city has its ‘troubled areas’ where only the super experienced should invest – guess where we ended up investing? 800 per month positive cash flow.

It was going to be the start of our empire. 800 positive cash flow per month! A few more of those and you’ll never have to work again! I am now a believer in following your gut. After several weeks of loan applications and building inspections, it came down to 5 minutes before we had to sign the papers or lose the deal. The gut said, No you idiot, something just doesn’t feel right! 800 cash flow a month. We signed the deal without doing my due diligence or running the numbers with consideration to the property being unoccupied, and hidden maintenance costs. Two years later, the property had became our living nightmare. The street was taken over by drug dealers and gangs, rents never came in on time, if ever, and repairs were constant – the heating in the winter and the A/C in the summer – as well as constant vandalism. I had secret meetings with the police and they bunkered down in one empty apartment for evening stakeouts to bust the gangs. We often had to break in and evict tenants.

I was physically threatened many times by neighbors and fined by the county for trash littering the front of the property. We had to continually dig into our Australian equity to pay the mortgage and insurance. We tried to sell for 18 months, but because it was a commercial property the value was largely calculated by the income it produced, so it went down sharply. This was also during the peak of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in the US and people were nervous. Nobody wanted to touch it – they were smarter than me, they did their due diligence. For a long time I ignored the numbers and avoided opening the bills hoping the problem would vanish. I just kept believing lady luck would visit and take it off our hands. Many nights I would cry myself to sleep because deep down I knew what was happening. The way we had our finances structured, EVERYTHING was at risk. When I finally sat down and had a good look at our financial situation, we were done.

I was a complete failure and had lost everything I had every earned in my sporting career, and all Caz’s hard work as a teacher and working two jobs was for nothing. 30,000 in credit card debt. I don’t think you could get any lower. I would often think, would it be worse if someone else caused you to lose everything, or if you were the one to blame? Either way, it’s a dark and lonely place to be. If you’ve ever lost a half a million dollars, you’ll know what I mean. You can’t run or hide from it. Not only are you left with your own remorse and guilt, but you have to deal with the words and whispers that are spoken about how stupid you were- they cut like razor blades. 2 – Never ever use credit cards to pay off other credit loans. For MANY months I argued on the phone with the bank (Wachovia) for a solution.


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