A woman herself can check the smoothing of the cervix if she has such a need.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, cramping sensations may occur in the abdomen, the uterus tenses up, its tone rises. The uterus is training, preparing for childbirth. The child becomes cramped. Starting from week 37-38, he tries to squeeze his head into the opening of the cervix, the mother feels pain, as during menstruation. The child swims lower and lower into the pelvic cavity, and this can initiate contractions because contractions are triggered by impulses that the cervix senses on itself. The child at this time (figuratively) sees with his head the light at the end of the tunnel, he stretches his head towards him. This is energy perception. In stressful situations on the verge of death, we then recall this.

Muscle rings and rings of nerve tissue are located along the birth canal. The head, expanding the cervix, gradually irritates one after another the nerve ring in the cervical region. From each of the nerve rings, there is an impulse to nerve fibers that run along the entire surface of the uterus to its very dome. This stimulates uterine contractions. So the first fights begin. The uterus contracts, twisting and squeezing the baby down. This movement again stimulates the extension of the neck muscle rings, again there is an impulse to the uterus and it contracts with renewed vigor. That is, as the fetus grows and tightness, the rhythmic process begins rhythmic contractions. If the child is not yet large, then he does not put so much pressure on the cervix, he is not so crowded, so when the uterus squeezes it, freeing up a little space, the contractions gradually fade. Avalanche-like activation of the birth process does not occur, contractions are not rhythmic – these are the precursors. There is no way to manage this process through consciousness, so it is difficult to prepare for this in advance. But even before pregnancy, during the menstruation, such contractions occur, and you can understand from the monthly what kind of childbirth will be. You can work on your health, focusing on the fact that your periods are soft, painless, not plentiful, and not accompanied by a state of depression, depression, headache, abdominal pain, rashes on the skin, that is, various phenomena caused by hormonal abnormalities. It is also important in pregnancy itself to continue to monitor such deviations in the psyche of health and adjust the hormonal background – singing, nutrition, dousing and bathing, yoga, a meditation on the heart chakra and the development of love and humility, by the loaves. You can adjust the hormonal background with the help of tears – while maintaining a calm and bright sad state, not falling into hysteria. For this purpose, you can specifically include music that touches deep emotions and indulge in crying meditation, from a sense of beauty and sadness. Such vivid experiences will favorably affect the psyche of the child, developing their subtle emotional chains in his brain with his powerful energy vibrations. In addition, you will remove your injuries, clamps in this way, and prevent an uncontrolled explosion of emotions provoked by a changed hormonal background. Tears also lead to the cleansing of toxins and to the cleansing of energy channels. The main thing is that this process is meditative, conscious and beautiful. This balances the hormonal background. This can be combined with your own singing, dancing, swimming, rebirthing, sexual relations with your husband, pranayama, diving, walking in the forest. Working on your hormonal background during pregnancy, you can prepare for the hormonal background, and hence the process of uterine contractions during childbirth, to be harmonious and ideal.

It is especially important to do this if the uterus only strains, but does not relax – this is an increased tone of the uterus. Singing, meditation, relaxation, yoga, tears are designed to prevent such situations. If prevention has not helped, then there is a good and sure way to relax the tense uterus – a relaxation bath. If you have a stomach grasp and the pain does not let go, then you should lie in a warm bath, put your stomach on top, submerge your head under the water, to weaken gravity and stay in a state close to zero gravity. The pelvis floats, the stomach rises above the water, the abdominal muscles relax. This bath provides relaxation to the entire skeleton, abdominal muscles, the child also relaxes in the abdomen in limbo, the pressure on the vessels weakens, the flow of nutrients and oxygen through the placenta increases, there is an increased outflow of metabolic products through the placenta. It should be mentally relaxed. You can do Shavasana in the water, you can put water in the tap, the monotonous noise of the water also relaxes, and running water removes negative energy. You can buzz in the bathroom and feel the vibration in your stomach. You can lie in such a bathroom as you like, even for an hour, the optimum temperature is 34 degrees, but if it’s cold, you can be a little warmer, most importantly, avoid hot water. Already in the first 15 minutes of being in the water, the increased tone disappears, the uterus relaxes. If you lay in such a bathroom during the precursors and the contractions passed, then these were training contractions and it is too early to give birth. After a relaxation bath, you can pour cold water on. This bath can be used throughout pregnancy, in case of tone and bleeding. A few drops of jasmine essential oil can be added to the bath. It is a good accompaniment throughout pregnancy, relaxes well during increased tone.

what is effacement
A woman herself can check the smoothing of the cervix if she has such a need.

If a woman’s health is weakened and late toxicosis – gestosis is observed, then this is a serious reason in order to go to the hospital. In this case, the woman in the last weeks of pregnancy has vomiting and nausea (gestosis is accompanied by several more signs described in the chapters on pregnancy). Nausea is not always the cause of late toxicosis. It happens at the end of pregnancy completely normal and physiologically nauseous for no reason – this is due to the expansion of the cervix. The opening of the cervix is ​​interconnected with the expansion of the muscles of the throat. When the cervix opens, it can vomit. And vice versa – singing in an open, free, not pinched voice helps to relax the throat, and after it the cervix. You can also cause your fingers to vomit to activate contractions during childbirth. Causing a rhythmic contraction in the throat, we will automatically cause contraction in the cervix. Nausea without other signs of gestosis is normal.

Immediately before birth, the precursors are irregular but stable, they do not disappear for several hours, although a constant catch rhythm may not be established immediately. Harbingers are characterized by their irregularity. And even in the last days and hours, when the precursors are frequent and very noticeable, we are not talking about the fact that childbirth began if the regularity of contractions was not established. Then after 10, to after 30, then after 5 minutes, then after an hour, and then 30-40-15 minutes, until the complete cessation – randomly and unpredictably. If the duration of the fight increases, the intervals shorten, all this takes on a rhythm – which means that these are no longer harbingers, but the contractions begin. Strong prenatal harbingers can last up to 2 days if a woman is worried. They can be frequent and strong because the uterus is not tuned. It’s important to help set up the uterus,

In some, the precursors pass completely imperceptibly, especially in multiparous. Sometimes the precursors proceed immediately very painfully, and sometimes there are very weak sensations, like painful periods.

In recent weeks, you should see the presentation of the fetus. The forward position of the face is more difficult in childbirth than the gluteal. This must be corrected in advance, osteopaths straighten. Some midwives do this too. If starting from week 28 a child has not yet taken an occipital position, then this is not the time to panic. It’s time to start dealing with this issue, starting at 32 weeks. But until 36 we remain calm, we work on ourselves, we are aware of the reasons in our head. If before 36 weeks did not roll over, then the time to resort to the help of specialists. You can still turn up to 38, and he can turn up to this time, and after 38 weeks – you need to pay serious attention to this. All the reasons are in your head, stop the mental activity, because the child turns his head to the light that comes from below, like the energy of the birth stream that feeds the fruit from the earth. If a woman thinks a lot, then the energy in her begins to be generated in her head. As a result, the child turns upside down. If a woman is afraid, then her energy comes from that chakra that is responsible for fear – that is, from the stomach. In this case, the child is completely disoriented and lies across.

If the child does not have the correct presentation, try to correct it. This can be done in various ways – starting with the methods of osteopathy, exercises, inverted asanas, soft vibration massage with a scarf or scarf, talking with a child, realizing one’s fears and persuading a child to roll over, stopping internal dialogue, and the technique of “breathing in the candle’s energy through the perineum”. If this does not work out, then in the case of lateral presentation, you should go to the hospital. And with pelvic presentation and rearview, you can give birth at home. The pelvic presentation can even be very mild. If the child is booted, the contractions are often felt less intense. If the elasticity of the head is good, then with the facial presentation, you can also give birth well in a natural way. For greater softness of birth in an unusual presentation, it is important to adjust the nutrition in advance, excluding all products that make bones hard and elastic. And during childbirth, it is especially important to adhere to the technique of non-intervention and to learn in advance how to take birth in this case.

In order for the child to turn his head upside down, a woman must practice during pregnancy the energetic interaction with the world through the lower chakra. If a woman’s environment is surrounded by people who are worried about her or have a different energetic effect, then she can simply neutralize it by mentally imagining how she passes their energy through no other chakra than the lower one. There, any energy is transformed into the primary life force and becomes simply normal energy nutrition for the pregnant woman and the fetus, and people who wanted to give this energy calm down. If having missed this energy, a woman transforms it herself, raising it higher, then these people will feel significant relief. If a woman perceives the energy of strangers through some other chakra, then she can “pick up” some kind of unrest, something not qualitatively processed, superfluous for her. In addition, the child perceives the energy that the mother receives from below, through the head. To do this, he turns in the direction from which the stream is coming – to the bottom. And if a woman perceives the flow through the upper centers, then the child turns up. And even if a woman is most active on the 7th chakra, all in God, then the child is not grounded, he simply seeks to go back to Godhead.

From week 34, if the child has not accepted the head presentation, you can help the child to take the correct position using a sari or a rebozo shawl. Rocking a woman lying on her back with a scarf, under her lower back, sometimes making sharp movements, gently relaxing, and then jerking sharply at one edge, then again relaxing, and again yanking, and so many times.

Another way to help your child take the right position. First, the woman takes the half-bridge pose, lying on her back on her shoulders makes a pelvic lift, in the chapter on yoga it is described as Grandfather Pidam Asana. Then raising the pelvis in a pose upward by the pelvis, on the knees, that is, the pose of a stretching cat. Then move on all fours, protecting your knees with something soft. Each exercise for 20 minutes. Then – again we use the Rebozo scarf, with which we rotate the pelvis when the pregnant woman is on all fours. Every 2 hours to do this exercise – and after a day and a half, the child will rollover. Next – fix this position. First, we pull off the stomach with a handkerchief from above, under the chest, and then we tie the whole stomach with another handkerchief, or the other end of the handkerchief is long, or if it is a sari. And so we walk all day.

If, after all the efforts and mental persuasion, the child does not roll over, then we must accept this situation and give birth to him with his feet forward, which means that it will be more convenient for him to be born.

In some women in the first birth, the entire period passes in 12 hours, with this nature of the birth, the precursors themselves are likely to last about 4 hours. Then there will be about 4 hours of intense fights. Then 3-3.5 hours of trying. If the birth lasts about 24 hours – then we also divide it into 3, but not into equal parts – the precursors can last a very long time, longer than 12 hours, the contractions are 5-7 hours, and the attempts at the end are about the same 3.5 hours. Such is the approximate picture that should be expected, but everything is very individual. If the total time of birth was 48 hours, then the precursors can last a day, then the contractions rather gradually increase for a rather long time, attempts at the end are again faster, maybe 4-5 hours. Just the intensity increases gradually, everything stretches for a longer time. But the doctors do not pay attention to it, they do not wait for a change. Therefore, if you go to the hospital, it is better to come back later so that doctors try to get born one day before the end of the shift. Harbingers and most of the contractions are best done at home.

Childbirth is a physiological process. If there is a deviation from normal physiology, then often it can be leveled without resorting to medicine, and if it does not level out, then you can also contact doctors who are involved in pathological processes. Pathologies are rare, modern medical advances are able to work with them. However, now healthy women are equated with the level of patients by excessive medical interventions and routine procedures.


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