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Girl in Pink Sweater and Grey Jeans Kissing Tummy of Pregnant Woman in Blue Shirt and Blue Denim Jeans

We just made a decision to not accept anything but the life we really wanted. Where Are We Today? We have one hand that has reached the ground, and the other is about to join it and pull us out of this black whole we dug. I no longer cry myself to sleep. I believe in myself again and I’m excited about my future. Things are going really well with our blogging business and my relationship with Caz is as strong as it’s ever been and we recently celebrated our 11 year anniversary. It’s time for us to move on now. It’s time for us to get our own life back and start living again, instead of merely existing. I turn 40 this year. I’m grateful these events took place in my 30’s so I had time to recover, and not in my 50’s or 60’s, as I know has happened to many people.

We spend our days caught up with our problems and trying to move forward, and our focus is often on the wrong things. We put off what we really want to do until we are retired or when the house is paid off or when we get that promotion. None of us are getting any younger and the older you get the quicker the years seem to pass. If you are thinking of a career change, relocating, or even ending a relationship, listen to your gut and don’t waste another day. When I hear that question now…what is your secret? …I don’t see luck and I don’t remember any secrets. I see struggle, I see lessons, I see persistence, and I see forgiveness and gratitude. I’m finishing this post as I sit on my Qantas flight on the way back to Sydney from the Emirates Partnership launch in Dubai. Starting all over again was tough, but it brought us full-circle to where we are today. I believe I earned that seat on the plane.

But Craig. I really want to know. What is your secret? I made a decision that I wasn’t going to let those dark days define my life, and I was going to stop making excuses. “The day you take ownership of your actions, the day you forgive yourself, the day you give yourself permission to succeed, that’s the day you turn your life around”. You can spend your life thinking of a thousand reasons why something won’t work and why you can’t have the life you deserve, or, you can focus on the reasons why you CAN. Never give up on yourself. It’s up to you. 2018 UPDATE: We finally achieved our dream of getting a green card to the US. The journey we shared here eventually lead us to getting it for our extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging. Can you believe it? Life is a trip! Enjoy the journey and trust in it.

To avoid awkward moments in the future, she also suggests making a game plan. “Keep paper menus of the restaurants you and your coworkers order from and highlight your best options,” she says. The situation: You text your friend to confirm tomorrow’s post-work running date and she bails for the third time in a row: “Let’s play hookie! Netflix and takeout beat pounding the pavement! ” “I’ve been slammed at work. Can’t you take a break too? ” “What’s the big deal? We’ll just reschedule.”What you’re tempted to say: “Sure. First I’ll just remind your S.O. ”Say this instead: While it can be frustrating to have a friend cancel on you repeatedly, there’s no need to blacklist someone for flaking, says Justin Robinson, a sports dietitian and strength and conditioning coach. Acknowledge the fact that balance and rest days are a part of any fitness plan, but stick to your guns: “Thai food sounds awesome, but I took a day off earlier this week and I’m booked tomorrow. So I really need to get this workout in today.

  • 1/8 teaspoon cumin
  • You feel jetlagged
  • Make time to cook at home
  • Dark leafy green vegetables
  • Schedule of medications

Let me know what your weekend plans are and we’ll meet up.” Moving forward, Robinson suggests shopping for a new fitness buddy who shares your dedication. The situation: When your burrito arrives, you pull off the tortilla (rice and beans are enough for you) and dig in with a fork. You’re then hit with comments from your fellow diners: “That is so weird.” “Can’t you just eat it the way it is? ”What you’re tempted to say: “I’m sorry, food police! I didn’t realize I was over the limit in the no-tortilla zone.”Do this instead: The comments may have nothing to do with you, Pagoto says. Watching your healthy habits may remind your fellow diners of their own struggles to do the same and bring up feelings of resentment. Keeping that in mind, she recommends responding with a light comment: “You guys have known me for years and only now realize I’m weird?

I just don’t want to fill up on tortilla when it’s the filling I really like.”Giovanizzo’s tactic of returning their question also works: “I always get too full if I eat it with the tortilla. Don’t you hate feeling stuffed? The situation: You’re out with coworkers, but you’d rather just enjoy their company and skip the booze. When you pass on alcohol, your colleagues start in: “You’re so boring! ” “Oh, come on, just have one drink! ” “Are you anti-alcohol now too? ”What you’re tempted to say: “Well, no, but this interrogation is going to drive me to drink! ”Do this instead: Over the years, Robinson’s experience has revealed that the more you talk and make excuses, the more your friends will pry. “A short answer is best when discussing why you choose not to drink: ‘I just don’t feel like drinking tonight.’”Limiting your behavior to that moment (versus a lifestyle choice) deflects any larger debate. If that doesn’t do the trick, humor is another great option: “Now you have a sober driver to make sure a lightweight like you makes it home! ” To appear social, Robinson suggests ordering a club soda and lime or even an iced tea with lemon. Both look like cocktails, help you hydrate, and may get people off your case. The situation: While the rest of the table starts with fries and mozzarella sticks, you opt for a salad. Your friends are immediately annoyed: “Of course, you always get the rabbit food.” “Are you on a diet or something? ” “Ugh, I can’t imagine eating just a salad for dinner.” What you’re tempted to say: “Don’t worry. I’ll ask the waiter to batter and deep-fry the lettuce so we can match.


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