Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 5 Eating Habits of Healthy PeopleBig news: The state Human Services Department and the Office of Medicaid Inspector General have suspended Preferred Family Healthcare from the Medicaid program in the wake of former employee Robin Raveendran’s arrest this morning. The suspension is effective today, DHS announced. 7.4 million, a spreadsheet provided by DHS indicated. Preferred Family Healthcare, a nonprofit based in Springfield, Missouri, became a giant player in Arkansas in recent years as it has acquired several other providers. The nonprofit has come under intense scrutiny recently as a wave of federal plea deals have revealed extensive bribery allegations involving PFH executives and multiple Arkansas legislators of both parties. DHS has continued to work with the provider until today’s news broke about Raveendran — who formerly worked as the Medicaid Program Integrity director at DHS. Today’s news finally led DHS and OMIG to show Preferred Family Healthcare the door, but it also creates a major headache for the state.

with their families over marriage issues or any other issue related with their husband or those who are fascinated with the urban lifestyle. In these circumstancesDHS must find a way to disentangle PFH from its network of providers while also attempting to avoid gaps in essential services in rural Arkansas, from mental health care to substance abuse treatment. DHS said it’s been quietly working for months to find providers that can replace PFH. “In most locations, providers have been identified who can expand services into these areas, and it is DHS’s intent to work with those providers to transition existing beneficiaries. DHS anticipates that the transition of services and termination of current PFH contracts will be completed within a 30-60 day time period,” DHS said. The agency said it may allow certain PFH sites to keep receiving Medicaid reimbursements “for a short-term limited duration” in certain geographic areas in which PFH is the only provider. 2,277,816.05 from January 1, 2015 to October 19, 2017. The FBI’s investigation of these same individuals is regarding public corruption whereas this investigation and arrest was based on Medicaid Fraud.

  • Stick to a regular time every day
  • Whole grains (such as oat bran, whole and rolled oats, and barley)
  • 1: getting 1 or more hours of physical activity every day
  • Chondroitin sulfate
  • ½ cup each of pecans and walnuts, chopped or bashed into smaller pieces

“When a credible allegation of Medicaid fraud exists, suspension of Medicaid payments is required by federal law,” said Medicaid Inspector General Elizabeth Smith. The Department of Human Services is implementing the suspension of Medicaid payments of both PFH and Raveendran today. DHS will review the Medicaid provider network to determine if a very limited geographical hardship exception is needed in certain areas where PFH is the only behavioral health provider to ensure client access to services. Any such exception will be for a short-term, limited duration as alternative providers are certified to offer services in that geographic area. Additionally, DHS will be notifying Preferred Family Health of our intention to exercise contract termination clauses in existing contracts for the state-funded mental health, substance abuse, and other services they provide. For the last several months, DHS has been working to identify alternative service providers to step in for PFH if necessary. In most locations, providers have been identified who can expand services into these areas, and it is DHS’s intent to work with those providers to transition existing beneficiaries. DHS anticipates that the transition of services and termination of current PFH contracts will be completed within a 30-60 day time period. “We appreciate Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and the important work of her Medicaid Fraud Control Unit,” said DHS Director Cindy Gillespie. Correction: An earlier version of this post mistakenly said that PFH employs 4,000 employees in Arkansas alone and that the nonprofit operates in five states besides Arkansas. PFH operates in four other states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois) and employs 700 people in Arkansas. The larger figure is for PFH’s total workforce across all states.

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