Kids love these crispy, crunchy, oven-roasted chickpeas coated in familiar seasonings. Try them instead of chips or crackers for a snack or side. Have you heard of Dan Buettner and his book, The Blue Zones? Buettner traveled the world in search of places where people tended to live long lives. Then he tried to piece together the food and lifestyle elements these communities had in common-things like close family bonds, physical activity, and a plant-based diet. One fascinating finding from his research is that eating beans-regular old beans-seems to be in important piece of the longevity picture. Forget obscure superfoods. Beans are where it’s at! I’ve always loved beans, but after I read the book (wow, about ten years ago, now!) I started eating them even more. And now that I have kids, I make a point of including them in our family’s meals, regularly. I’ve got two bean-loving kids, now. Beans aren’t just rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants; they’re also incredibly versatile. And here’s a fun, snacky way to enjoy them: roasted!

We’ve made these roasted chickpeas with four kid-friendly seasonings, and we love them all: cinnamon-sugar, cool ranch, garlic, and barbecue. My kids love these as a movie snack or after-school snack. They get nice and crispy. And with four flavors to choose from, there’s a great chance you’ll find a flavor everyone can agree on. Or not. And then you’ll just have to make two batches. Here’s how to make this yummy, healthy snack. Drain and rinse two cans of chickpeas. Spread them on a cookie sheet and bake, without any oil or seasonings, for 40 minutes. This is the step that gets your chickpeas good and crispy in the oven… don’t skip it! After the pre-bake, toss the chickpeas in a small amount of oil, then your seasoning of choice. I know it’s hard, but stick to one type of seasoning per batch. Bake another few minutes until the spices become fragrant and the chickpeas get nice and crispy. Freshly-roasted chickpeas stay crispy for a day, but they tend to get a little softer after they’re completely cool. If your leftovers soften up too much for your liking, you can simply throw them back in the oven (or toaster oven) for ten minutes, and they’ll get crispy again. But actually, my kids don’t mind them a little softer and chewier.

  1. Don’t try to work through a sick day
  2. Pack plenty of food and water for the car
  3. HOW to encourage your kids to eat more wholefoods
  4. Improve their minds
  5. Need for eyeglasses, dentures, walkers, canes, etc

The three major plans you’ll likely have to choose from are: indemnity plans, managed care plans, or consumer-driven health plans. Indemnity plans are also called fee-for-service or reimbursement plans. With this kind of plan you can see any doctor you want any time you want. You pay the doctor directly and then send your claim to your insurance company. The company pays you back for part of the total cost. Indemnity plans generally don’t pay for preventive care, like annual physical exams. Because they offer you the most choice, the monthly premium is usually higher than other types of health plans. When you get insurance through an employer, it is often through a managed care plan. With managed care, a health insurance company negotiates a contract with certain health care providers, hospitals, and labs to provide care for its members at a lower cost. HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). When you join an HMO, you choose a primary care doctor.

This doctor coordinates all your medical care, from annual physicals to hospitalizations. Although the co-pay for these services is usually fairly low, the tradeoff is that you can only use doctors and hospitals who are approved by your plan. Also you can’t see any kind of specialist without a written referral. PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). A PPO is like an HMO, only with more flexibility. Instead of choosing a primary care doctor, you can see any doctor you want. However, if you choose a doctor who participates in your plan, you will pay less. POS (Point of Service). With a POS plan, you generally choose an in-network doctor for most of your care, but you may go outside the network if you need to see a specialist. If you do go out of network, you may have to pay more. EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization). An EPO is like a PPO, only the network of participating doctors is smaller. This type of plan is fairly new. It lets you set aside a certain amount of money in a special health insurance savings account. You are in charge of how you use this money to cover your health care costs. However, the deductible you have to reach is usually higher than in the other types of plans. It can seem odd buying something that you might never need. So think of health insurance as an investment in your peace of mind. Since peace of mind means less stress, you’ll start enjoying health rewards right away!

Oh the windy city sure is pretty. We LOVED Chicago and I am itching to return to experience the summer vibrancy in Chicago, a city known for its arts, culture, music, sports, and deep dish pizza! There’s also a fair amount of underbelly history to discover in Chicago with its shady Mafia past, but don’t talk about this too much when there. Locals like to ignore that it was ever a part of their history. I think it makes it even more interesting. We visited during Thanskgiving and froze our Aussie butts off. I think summer is where it’s at where you can attend festivals, eat in cafes outdoors, play in the parks and enjoy the beautiful Lake Michigan. Don’t forget to take in a Cubs game at Wrigley Field and views from atop the John Hancock building or Sears Tower. Check out a local’s tips on what to do in Chicago.

I can’t say I had ever dreamt of going to America and visiting Utah on a road trip. Big mistake if you are thinking the same. Utah became one of my favourite states with the first orange pinnacle I saw rising from the desert. Yes, the first. That means there were plenty more to come, and in a wide variety of colours: reds, pinks, whites, oranges, even black and grey. Southern Utah and all its incredible National Parks will BLOW your mind. I think travelling through the South West Region was when I knew my heart forever had a home in the US. Outdoor adventures, skiiing off world-class peaks, canyons and gorges, electric thunderstorms and magnificent sunsets. Utah is God’s art studio. Bryce Canyon— go horse riding along the fairy trail with a cowboy as a guide, one of the best things we’ve ever done. Zion National Park: climb up Angels Landing, wade through the The Narrows or float down the river on a tube after a hard day’s hiking. Dead Horse Point State Park – spectacular sunset and stunning vista of Canyonlands. Canyonlands- a smaller and less popular version of the Grand Canyon.


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