textbook_$ Vegan Reset The 28-Day Plan to Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle book *full_pages* 878Parents discover things first. Dads and moms, rather than just doctors, are often the first to see the signs of autism in small children. Often it’s just that they observe that something is unique about them. Occasionally a friend of the family is the first one to spot the differences, as they often have their own child’s “benchmarks” to compare to. The avoidance of eye contact. The majority of children like to make eye-to-eye contact, however the autistic child will refrain from it, even though you may make an effort to force the issue, it’s as if it’s an distressing thing for them. They seem to have a very high threshold for pain. This could also display in the opposite manner: an overreaction or severe level of sensitivity to any stimulation. Slowed, or perhaps nonexistent speech development. It may also show itself as a decrease in speech/words previously learned. No desire to do the things most children love: play with other kids, toys, getting to know different people, people in their extended family. Some obsessive traits. This could show as a child clicking on a light switch off and on time and time again.

They could “demand” that a certain light is always on. They may possibly play with toys, but not just like the other kids do….rather than playing “cars” with a few cars, they could line them up, or merely turn them upside-down so they can spin the wheels again and again. They may have a difficult time adapting to changes of any kind. They may become incredibly upset if their routine is altered by any means. They may possess some physical quirks that they just don’t grow out of. It might be smacking themselves (quite hard) over and over, particularly when upset. It might be a flapping of the hands and arms when stimulated. You could find them walking on their tip-toes….all the time. They may also bang their head against the wall, over and over again. We know most youngsters can pick up some of these behaviors while they grow, but they also outgrow them. The key is to recognize if they’re picking up more than one of these habits at a time, and not outgrowing them.

Couple this with some other signs, and it’s time for you to find some guidance. Be aware whenever a friend who has kids makes mention that their own kids did something (especially when it’s many things) sooner than yours. This may not be anything, however it might be enough that you need to have your child checked out. There are approaches your doctor will use, so as to know if your son or daughter should be referred to an experienced professional. The specialists take care of this all of the time, and will quickly be able to know if you’ve something to be worried about. You can also get some awesome books out there created by both specialists in the field, and by parents that have been where you are now. Picking a good guide to autism will let you know exactly what the road you are looking down has in store for you. I remember when my wife first became pregnant, we told my grandmother, and she said: “Good! Now you get to learn how to worry! As moms and dads, it’s our obligation to worry about our children. Early management of Autism in kids always provides the best long term results, so it is extremely important to know the signs and symptoms of Autism. Only by knowing the symptoms of Autism will you be in the position to see the symptoms in your child if they occur, and find needed, eary help.

Sight Word Books – the Reading Eggs kit I purchased for Savannah more than covers me for her beginning reading work. I have a couple of other workbooks to use for sight words and vocabulary and reading comprehension. Puzzles and quizzes are a fun and easy way to get kids to learn in a higher order thinking way. Take advantage of the kids’ activity packs they get on tours or resorts. They are relevant, emphasize what they have learned and done on tour, helps them learn new vocabulary and apply the learning in a new way. Boredom Buster Book This is a great one to get them thinking creatively on those long journeys. Travel Journals for Kids If you are traveling around Australia, you cannot miss these amazing travel journals. Leap and Hop Travel Guides is a series of travel books that invite curious children to discover and understand different cultures while playing, drawing, scrapbooking, doodling, collecting and observing. They’re cool. We have the one for New York, and Kalyra is itching to get there and use it. She’s already done some of the activities to prepare.

Helping kids find wonder in the everyday by Caroline Webster This is an excellent book with easy outdoor and indoor activities to inspire children. It can be incorporated into your travels. Kids will do anything for a sticker! I have a pile of stickers and rewards, which I give to the girls when they’ve done outstanding work, grasped a concept, or displayed important character traits like kindness and respect. Each girl has their own pencil case/organizer, similar to this. A set of coloured pencils, markers, lead pencils and gel pens. Each also has a Samsung Tablet, a set of headphones, and a ProCase cover. Do not forget the cover! We use these for the girls to film their videos, play games, watch movies and research – either school based learning or fun. I have no problem with the girls watching movies or playing games on the tablet, especially on long road trips or flights. They have more than enough time pursuing other interests outside of the devices.

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We keep the balance in check. Hip Homeschooling Blog I found Rebecca’s blog helpful for gaining information on the best way my kids learn and different resource and curriculum ideas. HSLDA is a membership based site to assist homeschoolers through various legal aspects of homeschooling in the US. There’s lots of useful information on here. Homeschooling Curriculum Lots of useful information on this site. Teaching Textbooks is a useful program for maths instruction. I’m considering this for when we get to the US if what I have planned for math does not work. Rosetta Stone for language learning, or just take classes in the local area while you are traveling! There is also a language program within TestingMom called Mango. Kalyra expressed her unhappiness at having to do school work the other day and how unfair it was because everyone was on school holidays. 1-2 hours a day versus six and we choose our holidays rather than be told when to have them. So yes, it’s summer break in Australia and school is in.

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We fit the homeschooling in with our life. We aim to do 1-2 hours of roadschooling a day. The rest is life learning. I can assure you based on my year’s of teaching experience, not much of the six hours of learning time at school is devoted to deep learning. There are too many interruptions and too many children in the classroom. You can achieve waaaaaaay more when you work one-on-one with a child for an hour a day than you will in an entire week at school. They pick up concepts and skills so very quickly as there are no distractions and you can speak in a learning language they understand. We tend to do our school work first thing in the morning when their (and my) energy and focus is best. It’s very challenging to get them to do work after they’ve been playing for the day. We have the guidelines set that they can’t play outside, with their toys, notepads or friends until their work is done. I usually have one sitting with me to do any bookwork or focused learning, while the other is on the computer doing independent work.


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