apple fruit red healthy foodChildcare – The only way single moms can head to work without worry is by knowing their children are taken care of in a quality childcare setting. When the budget does not allow for quality childcare, the DHS Child Development and Care Program may be able to help. If you need childcare so you can work or finish high school, you may qualify for assistance. The requirements are strict, but if you match, you can get the help. Mostly, the childcare assistance goes to those who work or go back to school to provide for their family. Healthcare – The state of Michigan offers a few programs to single moms that can help them get access to quality medical care for themselves or their children (Page on Michigan). The Healthy Kids program offers help to pregnant women, children, and teens. Families who make too much to get Healthy Kids may qualify for coverage for their children through MIChild. Medicaid is available to anyone of a certain income amount.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste. Brushing Teeth. 로열티 무료 사진, 그림, 이미지 그리고 스톡포토그래피. Image 85358614. - 웹The Transitional Medical Assistance, Low Income Family, and Transitional Medical Assistance Plus may help single moms get coverage for themselves. Food and Supplies – Sometimes single mothers simply cannot make ends meet on one income. The Family Independence Program offers temporary cash assistance to families in these situations. Michigan also offers a Food Assistance Program and WIC to needy families who need help buying healthy foods. Transportation – Both urban and rural areas throughout Michigan have quality public transportation options that give single moms an affordable way to get around town. When these do not provide the services a mom needs, carpooling or finding transportation through an area church is probably the best choice. Rent Assistance – Keeping a roof over your family’s head can be a burden when you are living on one income. The state of Michigan with the help of HUD offers a few choices for rent assistance. Housing Choice Vouchers allow single moms to choose the best housing option for their families. Section 8 housing provides an affordable choice for the neediest families.

Taking time out to explore and “smell the roses” is necessary for good health. Play helps children be creative, learn how to get along with others, and to develop problem-solving skills and self-control. As an adult, play is for enjoyment, but it is also important for problem solving and creativity. Teach your child to do things he enjoys and learn a hobby or two. Share your hobbies to provide exposure to what you enjoy. Choose companions wisely. While you can’t pick your child’s friends, you can help guide friendships that you feel are healthy and teach your child what to look for in a friend. The articles Friend or Foe and Teaching Children About Choosing Friends have great information on friends. The information can be used throughout life in choosing friendships to pursue. One thing that I read long ago that has stuck with me is to be the carpool mom (or dad) and have your home be the hangout place. This allows you to monitor what’s going on and have teaching moments when needed.

  • Resist the desire to document
  • Keep a regular bedtime during that week. Turn off the alarm and see what time your body wakes up
  • Cutting down on alcohol
  • Major changes and assessment in market dynamics & developments
  • Make sure playground surfaces are soft enough to absorb the shock of falls

Cleanliness and safety. Make sure to teach good body hygiene to your children. This will serve them throughout life. Teach proper tooth brushing and flossing, and how and when to clean the body, hair, and clothes. Teach your children the importance of and the proper way to wash hands and how to minimize germ transfer. When your child is developmentally ready, teach him about how to care for his finger and toe nails. It’s important to continue to teach cleanliness throughout the different stages of childhood. Changes during puberty require discussions on proper cleaning of your child’s changing body. Teaching safety is imperative also. Just as you held your child’s hand when he was three to safely cross a road, you want to help him successfully navigate other possibly dangerous situations when you may not be present. Internet safety. Contracts for online safety can be found here. In our society with so many electronic devices, it is imperative to learn to balance using them while still being able to value human relationships.

It’s important for parents to role model this behavior. Limit time on electronics. Maybe your family would benefit from an electronics contract limiting the time on electronics to a certain amount. Put the electronics away. Have a time of day where the electronics aren’t in use. Make the family dinner table off limits for electronics. Put cell phones away during certain periods, maybe for a couple of hours after school, to talk about the day and do homework. Collect cell phones and other electronics for the night so that no one wakes up to text or other alerts that disrupt sleep. Make eye contact and listen. Respect others and show them that you care and also want to listen. Attitude. Try to role model good attitude and help your child see the positive in situations. Teach your child manners and how to be respectful, and teach him about thinking of how his actions or words can affect others. Encouraging a positive attitude by creating a positive environment is a resource you can use. Community. Teach your children to be a part of the community. Empower your kids to become a healthier generation by using the Healthy Habits Plate! Teach healthy balanced eating to your kids! Try focusing on what your kids should be eating, rather than nagging them about what they shouldn’t be eating.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is any clinical equipment meant for usage in home. These medical apparatus provide the required support to disabled and otherwise challenged patients. Medicare DME benefits are available in accordance to Medicare regulations. Medicare is a federally administered social security and healthcare insurance system that ensures access to healthcare benefits including DME for United States permanent and legal citizens. People with certain disabilities or with advanced renal failure conditions can avail these benefits along with citizens and legal residents (above 65) needing special support and care as Medicare recipients. Whether or not you qualify for benefits are explained in your Medicare coverage documents and you should pay particular attention to each clause to know your eligibility. Medicare system, as a whole, covers healthcare services (e.g. surgeries, doctor visits or lap tests) as well as supplies (mainly DME), both of which are considered highly essential for treating different medical conditions and diseases.

The Medicare standards must be followed by all the private insurers. What are the basic eligibility criteria? Your doctor is the only person to tell you whether you need a medical equipment of this type or not. You can only avail the Medicare (or any other equivalent insurance plan) if a qualified and licensed physician prescribes you a specific type of DME. All US citizens who have Medicare can avail the benefits. What are the costs? If you have chosen the Medicare Part A and B the funded Medicare DME coverage, you will have to pay 20% of the approved amount. Both purchasing and rental of equipment are allowed. For availing the real benefits of ‘fee-for-service’ Medicare plans, you need to find a doctor/hospital that accepts Medicare. Fortunately, almost all doctor/healthcare facilities accept Medicare. If you have already started to consider different Medicare options, just put some more time in research. Whether you are opting for original (state funded and controlled) Medicare plans or you are buying the insurance plan through an authorized private insurer, there are cost differences that you should be aware of. You need to find a Medicare coverage plan that ensures your budgeted minimum out of pocket expenses. Want to know more about Medicare DME? Learn how to compare Medicare coverage options and find the best plans for you and your family.


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