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Today, increasing numbers of cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases are becoming a matter of concern in the youth. Earlier, where between 30 and 40 years, cardiovascular problems were observed, today it is also happening in people below 20 years of age. In such a case, the only way to avoid heart problems is to do some general tests of your own and also to take serious cardiovascular problems seriously. Keep an eye on the cholesterol stages. Learn your family history about cardiovascular health. If a person has high cholesterol and blood pressure problems, then he is at high risk of heart attack. Call an ambulance right away. After calling an ambulance, contact your loved ones. Anil Saksamna, a doctor of Aspart Heart Institute, says that after experiencing symptoms of heart attack, give Aspirin a table to the patient. Keep in mind that if the patient is allergic to aspirin, then do not give it to the tablet. Get the patient’s ECG as soon as you arrive at the hospital, this will help the physician to assess the condition of the heart. Good food Nourishing diet rich in nutrient content, our body is better, and tension is also less.

It also keeps our hearts healthy. Avoid foods that contain high amounts of trans fat. To keep your weight under control, obesity is the root of many diseases related to the heart. Find out how much weight is right for you according to your length. Keep an eye on this regularly. Perform daily exercises and yoga, choose one of the physical activities and make it daily. Our hearts remain healthy even with sports, aerobics, and dancing. Be active, be physically active as much as possible. If you work in the office all day, then go for a walk or cycling in the morning or evening to keep yourself physically active. Leave the dirty habit, leave smoking, alcohol and other addictions. It causes great harm to our body and heart. Try to quit these habits gradually, but leave it definitely. Do not stress, it does not matter how ambitious you are. Try to reduce stress by your work and personal life. You definitely underestimate your career but also engage life. More stress causes many diseases of the heart. Eat oily fish Eat things like oily fish and omega-3. It is very good for the heart’s health. Fish like maize, sardines, tuna, and salmon receive omega 3 fat in large amounts, which protects us from many diseases of the heart. Heart health is very important for your overall health. Therefore, taking care of the heart should be the first priority. Pooja Tyagi Pooja Tyagi is a blogger and currently works at credihealth as a digital marketing executive. She loves to read articles related to health,and fitness. She also has a strong passion for writing creative blogs and articles about health and fitness.

I want my own office – space to create. I want my girls to have their own bedrooms – and us too. I want them to have friends over and I want my own to come over to. For BBQ’s and dinner parties and cups of catch up teas. And that just throws up in my face my greatest fear – that I can’t provide for this financially. I’m homeless with nowhere to go and not a shred of clarity as to where to go. I have no means to create a home. I only have a few suitcases filled with possessions, which usually I love, but now I’m kinda scared about it. I’m too scared to decide where to make my home, in case in six months time I realise it’s not actually the home I want. I’m filled with guilt that Australia is possibly not the home for me.

Some of the places I want to create a home in are separated from me by oceans and visa rejections. My head hurts from thinking about it and trying to latch onto an answer in a vacant room. I feel as if I am suspended in a bubble – a place that has no past and no future – and I’m just hanging around waiting until I’m dropped somewhere. Can you see how underlying the blues is a melting pot of fear, doubt and insecurity? We have to dig down to uncover them if we ever have a hope of moving freely forward. What is important to you? Is it freedom, fun, security, contribution, adventure, self-growth, love? What will bring you most fulfillment? Perhaps your travel blues have hit because your values have changed. This process has made me realize that although I value freedom above all else, security is now a high value of mine.

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Hmmm. They don’t coexist so well do they? Or perhaps they do. I’ve discovered that you can’t have true freedom until you do have security. Because you can quit your job, throw you backpack on and wander aimlessly for years, but, pretty soon the resources will dry up and your security is breached. Discomfort and fear enters and the freedom slowly goes. I want the freedom to wander aimlessly without having to work so tirelessly. That comes with security, passive income and smart investments. All of the things I know I can’t do so well while I’m traveling. It is possible, but I need some time and stability to work it out first. Once you evaluate your values and what is important to you, you can figure out what you need to do. It’s okay to change. Most of the battle is tied up with resisting change because you’re frightened of who the new you will be. You don’t want to go home and say your passion for travel is gone when you fought so hard for it in the first place.

9 months agoIt might not even involve quitting the travel. It might just be an adjustment that is needed so you can make your travel style fit your new values. Get real about what you want? Time to remove guilt, fear, regret, insecurity, doubt and what you think is possible. What do you want? Just speak from the heart without any limitations. Make it a simple paragraph. I want the stability of a home, the security of knowing my needs are met and a base to continue to travel and create memories with my family. I don’t want this to necessary be a full-time nomadic thing. I want to break it up with a home and the space to create and explore the other parts of me that are important to. Once you’re clear on what you want, you can start working towards it. Now you should be getting clearer on what to do.

You know what you want. You know what your values are. You know what your deeper issues are and what’s currently not working. The rest often takes care of itself. You’ll be surprised at how once you do the work in the previous steps, and get that clarity, the Universe starts moving things around to help you create what you want. And usually now the haze has cleared, so you can see the solutions far more easily. List all the possible solutions to your travel blues. You know the drill: pros and cons. New paths, same paths, quitting paths. Take some time to mull over it. Allow your gut to speak the truth. Forget caring about what others think, or is best for them. This is your life, you’ve got to decide what’s best for you. Unless you have kids, then it’s a whole different thing. Now each day take one small step toward those solutions. Take some time to reconnect with what you love, or those experiences that give you a sense of the home you’re craving to return to.


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