Could you benefit from a much more frugal lifestyle. While most of us are not willing to drop everything for a tent in the hills, a lot of people could start making some changes that would help them save money. We really should not value ourselves by what things we have managed to purchase over the years. Buying a lot of things, and then working hard to pay them off, may not make you happy. Certainly, it is easy to justify wanting a safe and secure home, reliable transportation, and healthy food. However, do we really need a huge house, a fancy automobile, and expensive gourmet food all the time? Would we actually be happier if we just stepped back, reduced our living standards, and actually realized we did not have to put ourselves under so much pressure? Maybe you would rather retire early, enjoy your time more, and realize you can be happy with less stuff! It could be time to exchange your consumerist mindset for extreme anti-consumerism. The advantage of the new extreme frugality movement is all about being able to spend your time doing things you like to do, reducing your debt, and increasing your savings.

Consider the advantages you will be able to enjoy. This way you can be happier because you get to do what you want to do, and not what a boss tells you that you must do. You will be able to enjoy the income you do earn because you will not have to spend a lot of it paying high interest rates. And you will actually be more comfortable and secure because you will have more money to set aside. You could be earning interest or dividends from your money instead of spending it on things you really do not need. You must take steps to change the way you think about things in order to be happy with less stuff. Self worth should not be totally based on your job status, how much money you make, or what you park in your garage (if you have one). We really should value ourselves because of our contributions, regardless of how much money we get paid for them!

There are individuals who can make drastic changes in a few weeks.. Others take some baby steps towards realizing a more frugal lifestyle. How should you make changes? If you are just starting out, it can be a lot easier. It may be simple for you to clean out the clutter, change your perspective, and begin your new frugal life. If you already have a family, and especially if you are already responsible for a mortgage, auto loans, and other obligations, you may be wise to plan out your strategy as a long game. A lot of us cannot become very frugal by next week. We need time to ease into it. You may not ever go to the extremes of some of the famous extreme anti-consumerists you may have read about. But you will still find yourself more secure and, probably, saner, than before you had started at all! Remember. Sometimes we make progress in small steps, sometimes with a step back, and sometimes full speed ahead. Start exploring the changes you can make tomorrow, next week, or in a year so you can enjoy a more secure, frugal life! Have you heard of early retirement extreme? It is a way of being very frugal that can help you work less, and actually produce more! Visit us at the Over Fifty Website for more helpful tips and discussions.

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3 million in improper billings for the Missouri-based nonprofit caught in Arkansas’ political corruption scandal, according to a plea deal struck Monday. Vicki Chisam, 66, was the lowest-ranking of three former Preferred Family Healthcare workers charged by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office in the scheme. The other two, including former executive Vice President Robin Raveendran, have not yet pleaded to related state charges. Raveendran has pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge. Initially charged with felony Medicaid fraud, Chisam pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy as part of the deal, a lesser felony. The agreement was signed Monday and presented in Independence County Circuit Court in Batesville, according to Rutledge’s office. Rutledge’s office recommended a three-year suspended prison sentence, citing Chisam’s cooperation in the investigation. Under the terms, Chisam would serve prison time if she violates the conditions of the agreement or stops cooperating with investigators. After the merger, according to Chisam’s plea agreement, Raveendran “specifically directed” her to find a way to bill Medicaid without first trying Medicare, as the program’s rules required.

Medicaid is the state and federally funded insurance program for low-income residents and children, and it is supposed to be the “payor of last resort.” Medicare is the federal program for the elderly and disabled. Some beneficiaries qualify for both programs, which have different rules, including what types of services are allowed and what credentials providers must have to administer the services. Software used by Preferred Family was designed to reject Medicaid claims for dual-eligible beneficiaries unless the biller documented that Medicare had already been tried, the agreement says. Medicaid is designed to pay the co-insurance and deductibles for these clients. Chisam learned how to solve the problem and “showed Raveendran and others,” says the deal, acquired Monday evening. Rutledge said in a statement. Chisam’s attorney could not immediately be reached for comment. 35,000 in bribes to former Arkansas Sen. Hutchinson, later last month, pleaded guilty to three federal charges, including accusations that he accepted bribes in that case. Raveendran was charged in the Independence County case with the Class A felony Medicaid fraud. Class A felonies are punishable by six to 30 years in prison. Helen Balding, the former billing director, is charged with two felony counts of Medicaid fraud. She is accused of instructing her staff to illegally bill the program at Raveendran’s direction. Neither Raveendran nor Balding have entered pleas to the state charges. Preferred Family, which continues to operate in multiple states, has said it has cooperated with federal and state investigations and expelled the former leaders who were caught up in wrongdoing. Several of the former executives have pleaded guilty to assorted federal charges. Its former chief financial officer and chief operating officer are scheduled to go to trial in 2021 on more than 20 federal charges each. They have pleaded innocent.

MyPlate is made for everyday use at mealtimes to promote healthy eating habits and balanced meals. With sections labeled fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein on the plate with a reminder for dairy on the side, MyPlate is a constant visual reminder of what we should strive to consume at every meal. It’s a valuable tool that will be with you at every meal helping you to build a healthy plate, promote healthy eating habits, and be mindful of portion sizes. Adults and kids alike benefit from using MyPlate since having sections for each food group makes us less likely to omit a food group, for instance, vegetables, when the reminder to include the food is clearly displayed on the plate. Some feel that for people with diabetes, MyPlate promotes too much carbohydrate from grains and fruit. As long as someone with diabetes understands his or her meal plan and what foods fit into it, MyPlate can easily be used. Just cover the vegetables and fruits portions of the plate with non-starchy vegetables, or if a fruit is part of your meal plan, include it on the fruit section. For grains, include the portion size allowed by your meal plan. Super Healthy Kids has various plates, based on MyPlate, available for children, teens, and adults to make eating healthier easier. Also, Super Healthy Kids members have access to a meal planning system to make healthier eating easier. Whether you choose to use MyPlate, Create Your Plate, or your own plate method, using a plate method for meal planning and serving helps individuals to eat healthier, eat a variety of foods, and to be mindful of portion sizes.


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