If anyone says “home is the biggest investment that you will ever make”. It would certainly be a big truth. In spite of everything, you put all your lifetime savings just to get a place where you and your family can reside forever. It would also not mind to pay the mortgage payments to the lender than making rental payments to somebody else. As soon as you get the home ownership, you can call yourself a homeowner with a great feeling of pride. What are your preparations to realize it? Ownership can be a lucrative deal when you are well prepared for a home investment. For this, you will have to keep certain things in mind that could get you most profit out of the deal. The first thing is stability. Investing in a home that goes through a definite appraisal over time is of great importance. However, it can also happen at times when a property value can run down. If you are planning to buy a home for long term possession, you may overlook bit dives in the value.

Whereas, if you are buying home to get good turnover and reside at some point, fall in the property value can badly impact your investment plans. Before you buy a home, you will have to do an apt research on the market. Your main motive should be to accumulate desired funds to perk up your credit score. Lenders are everywhere, but least down payments and a low credit score may not allow you to approve a loan at an appreciable interest rate. If you very low down payments, you may have to spend more money to get private mortgage insurance or else not get the loan. Moreover, when you have 20% down payment of the overall home value, you would be able to approve the loan for the same home you thought may not go well with your budget. It is also advisable to have a piggybank that may help you in tough circumstances. As a job security in present date is least and the expenses like healthcare and household are much more. If you start saving from today, you would have enough cash in pocket when income would seem less to cover mortgage payments.

This is another reason why people want reasonable homes that may enhance the heating and cooling bills over years. Green homes are rarely seen in the market which can give some relief from high energy bills. There was a time when people used to buy huge cottages to live. Ever since the financial crisis, small homes are becoming one and all housing needs. On an average, such homes lay within every person means and costs least maintenance in the fullness of time. You also have the option to stay in your own home while planning to sell and move to a bigger home. Many of you buy vacant lands as an investment, collect good rentals and start raising a dream home as the retirement comes near. It may be a good idea but you need to be cautious about zoning to realize the main purpose of investment. A whole lot need to be considered as soon as you give a deep thought to your future home. Once you have evaluated a financial plan and the home price, you are on the way to buy your dream home at the close. Buying a house can truly be a memorable event if done in the right manner. A realtor can help you to deal with all the legal formalities of making a purchase and would also help you to buy the best house. Get in contact with harjirealtors Real Estate Agents Mohali to know more about great deals in the city.

If you are road tripping in the USA, the rest stops along the interstates are always well kept and clean. My parents from Australia could not get over how big and fancy they were! You wouldn’t get much more than a drop toilet in Australia. We usually move so quickly after breakfast, and are on the road for such long stints, that we can be very disorganized with this road trip tip. It does mean we waste a lot of time and money finding places to eat along the journey. We also love to stop for coffee, which can chew up your time finding a good one! But, there’s just nothing like a hot coffee while you’re driving! Be sure to visit the supermarket to stock up on snacks and water. Cater to everyone’s tastes and be sure you have more carrot sticks and apples than packets of chips. When I’m prepared I love to make yummy sugar free chocolate snacks like these chocolate nut protein balls, and this cashew chocolate tart.

They are the perfect healthy indulgent treats with my coffee. 9. What about driving times? Well how long is a piece of string? We have a family who are used to long drives, so we can handle more time in the car than most other people. When we first started road tripping with Savannah in Australia, she was two and trying to climb out of her car seat within 15 minutes of leaving home. Two hours in the car was the max we could do with her. Now that she is seven and we live in the US, she can now handle eight hours or more! Optimally, we like to plan 4- 6 hours of driving time, with plenty of breaks along the way. It’s good to have a stop and a stretch every two hours to avoid driver fatigue. If you have multiple drivers, I would swap after 2-3 hours. Always add an extra hour on to your anticipated driving time. It always takes longer than Google Maps tells you when you are road tripping with kids.

  • Check your child’s blood pressure using standard testing equipment
  • “I noticed I had to change”
  • Learn a new language
  • Monthly Method
  • Make it fun – find ways to engage your children such as
  • What are the correct portion sizes for my child
  • Sugar-free candy
  • Take a brief inventory of staples and basic ingredients before you go grocery shopping

Traffic and frequent accidents can delay road trips often, especially in the North East of the USA. We had at least 1-2 hours delay almost every time! We all have them! The persistent child who can be satiated in any way. “I’m hungry, I’m bored, Are we there yet? I remember one instant Savannah was driving us all crazy with the persistent I’m bored Whine to wear us down and give her back her iPad. After the 100th “Muuuuuuum”, I said, “That’s it I am changing my name,” and had a sudden idea to grab her attention through a game. The girls would then ask me to reveal one letter at a time of the name until they could guess it or give in. We played that game for at least an hour, taking it in turns, laughing and having a great time. It became our signature road trip game. It’s hard to not let the whines frustrate and annoy you but see how you can capitalize on the trauma to create something fun out of it. How can I make sure they are comfortable?

How can I ensure they don’t go hungry or thirsty? How can I give them options for entertainment? How can I ensure they are not too tired? This is my always response when my children complain to me that they are bored. “I don’t understand what you mean. Boredom is something I never experience as there is always something I can choose to do. Thank you Wayne Dyer for that idea! It forces them to think about that statement and recognize boredom is a choice. Don’t solve their boredom problem for them. If they persist you can ask questions to help them find their answers. “Let’s see what some of your choices are here in the car. You can sleep, you can read, you can chat to Nanny and Pop, you can play a game, you can play with your dolls, you can color. Goodness me, you have so many choices. Now you are ready to have the amazing bonding experiences that travel gifts you. These times are precious so enjoy. Don’t fear what can go wrong. You can handle anything life throws at you.


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