Bontiea and Tom Goss, Preferred Family Healthcare Inc.’s former chief operating officer and chief financial officer, respectively, were indicted for their roles in an embezzlement and public corruption scheme. The Gosses, who are both 63-year-old residents of Springfield and Boulder, Colorado, and former Arkansas state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, 45, of Little Rock, were charged March 29 in a 32-count federal grand jury indictment that was unsealed yesterday, according to a news release from the office of Tim Garrison, U.S. Western District of Missouri. The Gosses, along with former CEO Marilyn Nolan, were fired by PFH in January after they were implicated by prosecutors in the scheme. Nolan pleaded guilty in November 2018 to participating in the political corruption scheme, following a guilty plea by former PFH Chief Clinical Officer Keith Noble and others earlier, according to past Springfield Business Journal reporting. The latest indictment alleges the Gosses and Hutchinson, an attorney who was an Arkansas senator 2011-18, worked with co-conspirators in a 2005-17 conspiracy to embezzle and misapply charitable funds and to pay bribes and kickbacks to elected officials, including Hutchinson.

The Gosses and co-conspirators allegedly offered the kickbacks and bribes in exchange for favorable legislation for PFH, according to the release. The indictment also alleges the Gosses and others defrauded PFH, formerly known as Alternative Opportunities Inc., by embezzling and misapplying funds for personal expenses, including flights, loans, vehicles, and child and pet care. The Gosses were both involved with AO before its merger with PFH in 2015. The latter name survived, with the Gosses remaining executives of the organization that provides behavioral health services, according to SBJ archives and a statement from PFH. The statement, issued to Springfield Business Journal by PFH spokeswoman Julie Heavrin, alleges the Gosses concealed a federal investigation into AO before and after its merger with PFH. “This investigation disclosed a pattern of improper payments and transactions designed to personally benefit Mr. and Mrs. Goss and other company officers and representatives in clear violation of their fiduciary responsibility to the organization,” the statement reads. PFH also filed suit against the Gosses and others in September 2018, seeking damages for the executives’ alleged harm to the nonprofit, according to the petition provided to SBJ by Heavrin. The latest action in the case came March 27, when Tom Goss’ White Dog Properties LLC motioned to dismiss, according to Greene County Circuit Court records. Bontiea Goss provided a statement to SBJ through her attorney, Melanie Morgan of Kansas City’s Morgan Pilate LLC. “As with any organization of its size, she relied on others, both inside and outside the organization, who had the necessary expertise to advise and guide the organization in its many complex business decisions,” the statement reads.

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Did I ever give in and tell him he never had to eat vegetables again because he complained? I left them on his plate every single night and never gave up. The key to our success is that over time, your kids will understand that healthy eating is a part of life. It is said that by the time they are 10 years old, they will likely have the dietary habits that will carry them into their adult life. So, don’t give up, be patient! Its worth it to stick with the goal of them enjoying healthy food! One overlooked concept for parents is that there are so many ways to offer fruits and veggies. Frozen, blended, dried, canned, juiced, smoothies, raw, roasted, steamed, etc! So many kids have texture issues! My daughter won’t eat applesauce, but loves apples (or at least she used to). But the trick is to offer fruits and veggies in their various forms because it might not be that they don’t like broccoli- maybe they just don’t like it steamed!

1. Start small (start where they can be successful): If your child will only eat meatballs and toast, then start with a meal of just meatballs and toast. 3. Add in easy new foods you know he’ll eat, and then have something new (but that he’d probably like) on his plate. I just ask him to try a bite or two… and that’s it. The next night, you can have him try MORE bites of that new food…always slowly building. 4. POSITIVELY reinforce: This is huge. Give lots of praise and positive attention for good eating, and not much attention or neutral attention for the negative eating or tantrums. Full of inspiration, encouragement, and dedication- you are ready to put it to work! One thing that can be encouraging is the positive reinforcement of healthy eating. This challenge encourages kids to eat 5 fruits and veggies each day. You can put a mark inside the box for each fruit or veggie you eat. If all the boxes are filled at the end of the week, it’s cause for celebration! By making small changes, your family will begin to see the benefits, and develop habits for better health! Let us know how your journey is going.

It may even be something as simple as trying a new exotic restaurant, learning to salsa dance, or taking up language classes. There are so many ways you can travel at home. It’s better out than in. That’s why we journal. The chaos of life causes us to stuff down many of the pressures, anxieties, disgruntlement, frustrations and dissatisfactions of the day. Soon you’re overstuffed, and there is only one way for them to come out – in a dysfunctional way. Take 10 minutes of every evening to write about what you’re stuffing. Let it come out. Nobody is going to read it. Once you clear the junk, clarity has space to speak its wisdom to you. Finish your journaling with three things you’re grateful for each day. I speak more about journaling in this free training, and it’s a core part of my Money Cleanse. It completely changed my life from hell to dream.

We’ve recently sat down together as a family to watch House Hunters every evening and Fixer upper on a Sunday. It’s an evening ritual we love. We cuddle as a family on the couch, kick back and dream big. We get to travel to the different places people are house hunting, we dream about having our home one day and how we want it to look, and we gain lots of creative ideas from it. The girls now design their homes using Lego, and Kalyra loves to put each house through her rating system she created. It’s helped me get into a better routine to serve dinner early so we can watch it after dinner. Then the girls go straight to bed after with little fuss. A very simple unplugging from the previous unorganised chaos that brings joy, connectedness and creative dreaming to our family. Setting boundaries may be something you find difficult to do. By boundaries, I mean definite “No. Start small. Once you do and you notice the freedom and control you’ll feel, the more you’ll extend those boundaries.

It took me ages (and I still work on it) to feel comfortable with possibly upsetting people and putting myself first. You cannot be everything to everyone. Be strict with your time and spend it on what is important to you. I have strict policies in place with email and phone. You can’t do it. But, at least start with notifications. Especially Facebook. It’s designed to trap you into that blue world and never leave. I have very clear guidelines in place on our contact us page. I’ve created it that way to give myself permission to delete. I’ve set the boundaries, if people overstep them, then I don’t feel bad about removing. You can train people how to treat you. I now delete over half my emails daily without even opening them because I don’t care to read another bloody press release or Kickstarter funder request. I have a system for tagging and filing my emails, so I deal with them on a priority basis.


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