July 25, 2019 – Epic recently partnered with Connected Care Health Services to give healthcare organizations, health plans, hospitals, independent practice association, and other groups part of the physician-led coalition access to higher-quality data and predictive models. “In healthcare, we measure our success based upon how much we improve the lives of others. Building for excellence in population health requires a strong technological foundation and sophisticated data analytics,” said Connected Care CEO and Founder Sanjay Patil, MD. “For us to become the most trusted partner in healthcare, we have chosen to align ourselves with organizations that strive for excellence,” continued Patil. Connected Care is an association of private companies that are physician-led and provide technology, services, and health IT products to health plans, hospitals, independent practice associations, and medical groups. The organization uses a data-driven approach to align health plans, health plan members, patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacies with a mission of improving healthcare quality and outcomes.

Epic EHR will equip Connected Care members with its MyChart patient portal, as well as data and analytics tools to improve population health management initiatives. “Our partnership with Epic ensures that we are able to proactively engage with, and meet or exceed, our members’ expectations,” said Patil. “By integrating prevention and wellness into the workflow at every touchpoint, our staff and provider partners will consistently deliver the highest quality. Epic’s ability to integrate with genomic data and AI-based predictive models permits us to be at the forefront of healthcare technology,” he added. Integrating with Epic EHR will help Connected Care deliver higher-quality information and products to its members and their patients at a more affordable cost. “The combination of Connected Care’s vision and Epic’s technology will give doctors and patients the information they need to make better decisions to improve overall health,” Hutchison added. The Connected Care advisory board includes the American Academy of Family Physicians, Anthem, Intermountain Healthcare, Stanford Health Care, and other large health systems, health plans, and physicians associations. “We’re empowering our members to partner with their providers in their healthcare,” Probert added. Epic has been named the best overall software suite by KLAS nine years in a row. The health IT company also earned top scores for its Epic Care Everywhere health information exchange solution. Its patient portal, MyChart was ranked highest for its ability to help clinicians meet the demands of a value-based care system. “Best in KLAS is about raising the bar for healthcare technology,” said KLAS President Adam Gale. “It’s providers and payers demanding better performance, usability and interoperability.

1.75 million to settle a disability and pregnancy-discrimination suit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), according to an agency statement. The Visalia, California-based healthcare company also will provide other relief to plaintiffs in the case. EEOC’s lawsuit alleged Family HealthCare systematically denied reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers and those with disabilities, refused to accommodate them with additional leave and fired them when they couldn’t return to work by the end of their leave. The company is also alleged to have dismissed employees before they used up their approved leave, and EEOC said the employer wouldn’t rehire them when they tried to return to work. These actions violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA); and Title I of the 1991 Civil Rights Act, EEOC said. 1.75 million in monetary relief, Family HealthCare must retain an EEO monitor to review and revise its policies and implement effective training on preventing discrimination and harassment for its owners, HR, supervisors and staff, EEOC said.

Education does not only bring about empowerment but also unlimited wealth. Parents, for such reasons, send their children to school for a formal education despite many obstacles and sacrifices. Their children’s achievement for them is also theirs and the rest of the family. Indeed, it is a great pride to the rest of the clan to have a doctor, a nurse an engineer, an accountant, a lawyer and the sort to oversee the family’s welfare in every aspect. A sick relative or family member may be given a genuine and unbiased medical opinion coming from a truly sincere and concerned medical practitioner based on blood relation. Of course, the adage that says Blood is thicker than water generally applies. Furthermore, a relative doctor is accessible to a quick referral system to a colleague with a certain specialty or to another healthcare facility when the need arises. Furthermore, given such circumstances, such relative can facilitate the delivery of immediate and prompt medical attention by pulling necessary strings in the hospital where he or she works with.

A family is also available to more information that is detailed in a manner that is easily understood on their end thereby they are guided and informed of the applicable healthcare plan and condition of their patient. Most importantly, the family is given a realistic and practical opinion in cases of a terminally-ill relative either to pursue or discontinue treatment options. Indeed having a doctor in the family offers a variety of conveniences not afforded by money alone. Genuine concern, peace of mind and assurance are only but a few of the facets that money cannot buy but can be provided freely to a family with family medical practitioner or relative tending the sick. Experience such conveniences by having your son or daughter attend a medical school in the Caribbean and bring home the pride of being addresses as “Doctor” and oversee your family’s health. Choose only Caribbean medical schools for their education and be guaranteed of a bright medical career for them as well as yours.

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The field of medicine is concerned with maintaining the health of the public. When one thinks of the services offered by a doctor, thoughts of prescriptions, bandages, and surgeries come to mind. These measures are taken to treat an existing illness or injury. Yet, there is a line of thought that has developed recently which takes a slightly different approach. As the scientific understanding of the medical profession has increased, we have come to see that many diseases are caused by microscopic bacteria and viruses that attack the body. This has led to a different approach to medicine. Rather than focusing on treating an already existing illness or injury, many in the medical profession seek to educate the public about how to avoid contracting common diseases, such as the cold or the flu. This type of medicine is called preventive medicine. The winter months are cold and flu season! It seems that everyone is more susceptible to these “bugs” when the weather is inclement.

Yet, there are steps that can be taken to decrease one’s chances of contracting a cold or the flu, despite the guy sitting next to you on the bus who can’t stop coughing. Making these various steps into habit will help you maintain your health and avoid going to the doctor. One of the first things to remember is to wash your hands frequently. Germs that cause the cold and flu are spread when a person coughs or sneezes. The germs fly into the air and come to rest on whatever is close by. Furthermore, if the sick individual uses his hand to cover his nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, he will transfer germs to any object he touches. It is inevitable that we will come in contact with germs somewhere during the day. The germs that are on an object can be transferred to our hands. You might unwittingly touch your face and give the germs a chance to get into your body. Washing your hands frequently, preferably with an antibacterial soap, will cleanse your hands and help keep you healthy.


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