We have another year to spend, another year in our doorstep. Have you started accomplishing or targeting your resolutions for the year? Have you changed certain habits or practices to pave way for a better lifestyle? If you resolve this year to start saving money then do so. If you resolve this year to eat healthier then do so. Or why not hit two birds with one stone? Here are some tips for you to live healthy and at the same time increase your savings. 1. Cut off your drinking habits. Drinking excess colas, coffee or liquor is just a waste of money. Liquors and colas are quite concentrated drinks; and most of these colas and drink contain too much sugar. You can start by at least reducing your intake with these kinds off drinks. 2. Pack your own lunches and cook your own food. Taking your own lunch to your workplace will save you money- at the same time you can control and take note of what you eat.

Stop buying packaged foods or drinks from the outside; you’ll save money more. 3. Attend a health fair to learn more about the proper diet, disease precautions and others. You will be updated of your health status and what changes you need to make. This will help you in detecting any diseases; if you are susceptible or if you have a family history of diseases so you can prevent them. This will help you a lot as compared to hospital and medical bills that you’ll have to face later in your life. 4. Make a weekly meal plan. This way, you will know what to prepare for the next days and avoid wasting time. Create a list of all the meals that you will prepare and the ingredients that you will need. You can also cook meals in large portions and freeze them on different tupperwares. 5. Exercise daily. This is one of the best things that you can do to boost your energy and your health.

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You don’t need to go to the gym, start by jogging around your neighborhood- it’s free. If other family members want to be involved then the better. It’s always more fun to have someone around; you won’t get tired, and you’ll enjoy exercising if you have someone with you. 6. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables help in cleaning our system while at the same time it helps boost our immunity. Instead of always eating meat in huge portions, eat it in smaller portions instead and add more veggies to your plate. You’ll save more and have a healthier body. 7. Detect sales and discounts on groceries or shopping centers. You can save tons of money when you avail items on discounted or sales price. Sometimes they even come in bulk or two-for-one which is already a great deal. You can identify the items which you use daily; buy bulk with these items since you can save more; rather than buying them little by little. Eat healthy, save more. Another year and another chance for you to put your act together and start living and eating right. Start changes, little by little and incorporate them into your life. You’d be surprised on how much you can save; and how healthier you have become at the end of this year. Save more on your mobile phone bills with the help of Utility Warehouse. They have the best mobile deals for you. You can choose from different plans as low as £10 per month.

Naples-based William Schoen, founder of the Schoen Charitable Foundation, is a United States Marine Corp veteran and the successful entrepreneur who founded Health Management Associates. During his 28-year tenure as chairman of the board and CEO of the Florida-based corporation, which owned, leased and managed a network of 73 acute care and psychiatric hospitals, Health Management Associates became a Fortune 500 company. Through their Foundation, Schoen and his wife, Sharon, have taken a special interest in supporting veterans and their families. William Schoen said, “The Marine Corp opened my eyes to the endless possibilities available to me through hard work, dedication, sacrifice and honor – it literally redirected the course of my life. This is one of the many reasons supporting other veterans is an integral part of my life today. Retired senior listed officer, Master Sergeant Fernando Moreau, struggled with his transition to civilian life after serving more that 25 years with the Unites States Army. He suffered from PTSD, depression and anxiety and turned to alcohol to cope. When he was referred to Home Base, he was suicidal and homicidal and his wife and children lived in fear.

Moreau said, “I had no self-esteem. Moreau credits the holistic combination of traditional psychiatric and outpatient therapy, his service dog and the alternative services he received through Home Base in helping him turn his life around. Through the Warrior Health and Fitness program, Moreau worked with his trainer and nutritionist to set health and fitness goals and establish healthy habits and they held him accountable for his results. He enjoyed the camaraderie of working out with like-minded people who had shared similar experiences. As he achieved milestones and built friendships with fellow veterans, he realized how much better he felt and noticed positive changes in his mood. Moreau adds, “I am light years away from where I was. I no longer have defeating attitudes. I learned to love myself. I don’t know where I would be without Home Base. Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, is dedicated to healing the invisible wounds for Veterans, Service Members and their Families through world-class clinical care, wellness, education and research. Since its inception in 2014, Home Base Southwest Florida has leveraged the vast cutting-edge research and expertise in sports medicine and clinical care of the parent program in Boston.


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