That’s the percentage of people who stick to their new year’s resolutions in a given year. At first glance, that number seems like a bummer. After all, we all want to get organized, eat better, and smile more in 2017. And nobody wants to be one of the 92% of eager, hopeful people who resolve to live better in the new year…. But some of us succeed! YOU are going to succeed this year. We believe in you! Check out these five tried-and-true strategies that you can do right now to help you turn your best intentions into lasting healthy habits. 1. Make concrete goals. Too many resolutions fizzle because they weren’t well-defined in the first place. “Eat healthier” is vague, which makes it hard to translate it into real changes. Are you going to eat more vegetables? Will you cut back on sodium? Try using ultra-specific language to define your goals. 2. Build flexibility into your plan. “I’m not going to let my kids have fast food ever again” sets you up to feel like a failure the first time you give in to the drive-thru on a super-busy day.

Instead, build flexibility into your resolutions: Try something like this: “We’ll only eat fast food once a month from now on.” You’ll actually make bigger changes in the long run by avoiding absolute statements. 3. Focus on the positive. New year’s resolutions tend to focus on the forbidden. But that can really suck the enjoyment out of positive change! Focus on the things you want TO do, rather than the things you want to STOP doing. Instead of saying, “I want to eat less sugar,” try, “I want to eat more fruit.” You’ll cultivate a more positive attitude about your goal, and you might just crowd out those sugar-cravings in the process. And if you need inspiration for including more fruits and vegetables, well… that’s our speciality. 4. Tell your friends. Speaking your resolution out loud gives you accountability and confidence! Share what you plan to do with your family and friends and you instantly make it more real. Better yet, enlist a few friends to share the same resolution as you, and achieve your goals together. When you sign up for a free trial with us this month, you join a whole community of families on this journey together.

5. Find joy in your journey. No matter your specific goals for 2017, find joy in the journey towards a healthier family every day. Did your son try asparagus for the first time? Did your daughter finally declare that she liked carrots? Share the news with your friends. Even small victories count. And the process isn’t just more important than the result, the process IS the result. So keep up the good work! We’ve got your back. In fact, to celebrate your efforts, this January we’ve decided to let you try Super Healthy Kids’ meal plans FREE for one week. We support you all the way, from the meal plans and recipes to grocery lists and prep tips. If you love what you get, you’ll save 50% on your full membership when your trial is up. We hope you’ll come see what we put together for you. And good health to you and yours in 2017!

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The Grand Canyon is often visited by many tourists to America and it should be, it is stunning. But, most people stay for only 15 minutes at the South Rim. Noooo. Don’t do this. Have a more unique experience by hitting the North Rim. It is just as beautiful and offers a different, quieter perspective. You can camp quite close to the rim, hike down to the bottom and catch a pretty gorgeous sunset. We thought it was going to be sprawling fields of dusty farmland with the odd tumbleweed blowing past a steakhouse. Total misconception of Texas. We fell in love with Austin, even though we only visited for a day. It has the college town vibe and live music scene that we love. The San Antonio Riverwalk was charming and filled with cool restaurants and cafes. We had the pleasure of staying here for a couple of weeks with our friends.

Santa Fe is an artistic town with a lot of Spanish and Native American history. The vibrant red and orange, pueblo style architecture is a reason to come here, if the food is not. Enjoy a sunset with wine and picnic at the Opera, explore artistic Canyon Road, and take day trips out to the nearby mountains or historic Taos, where you will see gorgeous pueblo buildings. Read our city guide by our friend Billie Frank on things to do in Santa Fe. Memphis is of course the home of blues, rock and jazz and of course the great king himself. I was worried about going to Graceland, I thought it would be a real kitschy tour and a let down. I actually really enjoyed it. I felt like I had missed out growing up as a child. Elvis died the year I was born. My Mum and I would watch his movies on TV almost every week, it was one of our favourite things to do. I really lamented that I never “knew” him in person.

Graceland helped me find that little connection I had always craved. Now I just have to get my Mum over there. I was ready to trade the Doc Marten mosh pit stompers for cowboy boots after a visit to Nashville. I had country fever for weeks after, which Craig was not too happy about. Hours on the road listening to whines about dead dogs and empty whiskey bottles is not his sort of thing. Nashville is cracking fun though. It’s all about country music. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I was fascinated by the stories and the evolution of music which began way back with folk and country roots. You can do tours of Elvis’ recording studios and hear tales of other famous artists like Johnny Cash and modern heroes like Keith Urban! Take in a show at the Grand Ole Opry, or just let loose in the bars of downtown Nashville. Country artists will be jiving nad line tapping in each one.

Want to Get a Taste of the Real America? Attend a college football game and tailgate before it. Attend a college basketball match. Do the seventh inning stretch at a baseball game with a hotdog and beer. Attend a Halloween party, dressed up. Crash a frat party (One of the most exciting things I did. Spend thanksgiving with an American family. Experience a White Christmas. Ride a horse at a ranch in Montana or Wyoming or through an iconic place like Bryce Canyon. Okay, so we are thinking a massive road trip across America is exactly what we need to do. North to South and East to West. Who’s coming with us? We’ve been traveling consistently for 17 years and have come to rely on a few trusted websites that save us money and time when booking accommodation, flights and car rental. You get free cancellation on most rooms and a best price guarantee. Skyscanner is a comparison website that searches millions of flights. Once you find your best deal, book directly through the airline (no extra fees).


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