Today is Family Fitness Day and school is out for summer this month, so we thought June would be the perfect time to talk about ways to stay healthy and fit as a family. Summer can be busy with vacations, camps, holidays and get-togethers, but the lack of school schedule and laid-back summer days make for a perfect time to try new things and create healthy habits. When we think of health, we often think of nutrition and exercise; however sleep, emotional health, and socializing are equally important factors to consider, especially for kids. Summer is the perfect time to offer new healthy foods to your family thanks to all the fresh produce in season. Kids are more likely to try new foods if they are involved in the planning and cooking process. While not always doable, grocery shopping or cooking with kids can be a way to talk about nutritious foods in a fun way.

A trip to the farmers market is another way to get kids involved in picking out fruits and veggies for the family. Some families find that having fresh fruits and veggies prepped and ready in the fridge is an effective plan for avoiding mindless snacking. Another strategy to encourage healthy eating habits in the summer is to have kids help pack a picnic or sack-lunch for busy days. It’s a great way to avoid the drive-through, while keeping (or starting) the habit of kids making their own lunches. Recent research shows that school aged children gain weight at a rapid rate during summer break, likely due to the lack of schedule. Sticking to bedtime routines and an eating schedule based on meal times (instead of grazing all day), means kids are less likely to gain unnecessary weight this summer. We know the long summer days can make early bedtimes difficult, but avoiding a late bedtime every night can make life easier on everyone, and will also make it easier to stick to a meal schedule. Kids are more likely to participate in physical activity when they have a say in the plan, and when it’s something they enjoy. Still not sure where to start when it comes to your family’s health habits this summer? If you’re interested in learning about more ways to be healthy as a family, join Dr. Natalie Muth, and Health Coach Cassandra at Walk with a Doc. We walk Tuesdays at 4pm at Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad, and then have a quick lesson about strategies for becoming a fit and healthy family. The walk is free for the whole family, and a healthy snack is always provided!

Alternative Opportunities saw another income boost after it acquired Health Resources of Arkansas, a struggling community mental health center, in 2014. Its RSPMI client list rose to 13,000, the data show. In May 2015, Alternative Opportunities merged with Preferred Family Healthcare of Kirksville, Mo., which had no previous Arkansas presence. The Preferred Family name survived, but Alternative Opportunities executives assumed key roles at the united firm. Preferred Family’s board fired the Gosses and other members of its executive team early this year as the federal investigation into bribery and corruption in Arkansas broadened. Plea agreements that prosecutors reached with Cranford and others implicated Bontiea and Tom Goss in schemes to embezzle from the nonprofit. The Gosses have not been charged. Preferred Family has sought to distance itself from the former leaders. It filed suit in September against several former employees, including the Gosses, alleging “a series of fraudulent acts, embezzlements, and improper self-serving transactions” amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

  • A life of shoulds
  • Can I start smoking again once the baby is born
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Social media communities
  • Get checkups with your doctor(s) and dentist at the recommended times
  • Eventually try to cut out the regular coffee altogether
  • Ensure that the care quality they provide is certified by a national certifying body
  • Scrolling Through Old Texts

healthy lifestyle asian woman running at seasideArkansas in June suspended the company from receiving Medicaid reimbursement after Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office charged another former executive, Robin Raveendran, with Medicaid fraud in state court. Arkansas’ moratorium on new mental health providers ended in July,after 10 years, when the state finally overhauled its Rehabilitative Services for Persons with Mental Illness program and renamed it Outpatient Behavioral Health Services. Among the most significant changes was a requirement that patients undergo an “independent assessment” with a third party before providers bill Medicaid for the costliest treatments. Previously, “you had this menu of services, so everyone who came in the door got the full menu because that’s human nature,” said Paula Stone, a deputy director in the Division of Medical Services. Preferred Family and other mental health providers wielded a lot of power in the Arkansas Legislature when the state adopted the RSPMI moratorium in 2008 and for years afterward, said former Rep.

Monument Valley- a deeply sacred and spiritual place. We loved this mile high city. It has plenty of outdoor adventures to offer with the Rocky Mountains at its doorstep and the college towns of Golden and Boulder. Check out the Coors factory in Golden for a few free pints of beer. We loved camping and explore the Rockies. Hiking trails took us to glacier lakes, through snow, pine forests, and bare mountain tops during electrical storms. Not only did we enjoy hiking, but bike riding, exploring by vehicle, and swimming in natural spring waters at Glenworth Springs. And we even had a marauding bear outside our tent one freezing summer’s evening. You can also visit the source of the Colorado River, a small trickle of water. It was amazing to follow the river and watch it grow as we drove south through the states to the Grand Canyon and see what that trickle of water ended up creating.


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