The Barrie-area Ontario Health Team (OHT) planning group, led by the Barrie and Community Family Health Team, has been given the green light to proceed with a full application to become an Ontario Health Team. In February, The People’s Health Care Act, 2019 was introduced which outlined sweeping changes to the Ontario healthcare system. Key to these changes is the development of Ontario Health Teams (OHT) to integrate care and enable patients, families, communities and healthcare providers to work together to deliver high-quality, patient-focused care. “We have been working with healthcare partners in this region on a submission to form a Barrie OHT to transform patient care for residents,” says Dr. John McKee, Barrie Family Health Organization and co-chair, Barrie-area OHT planning table. “We are thrilled to be working with such a dynamic group of healthcare partners to enhance the care of our region’s residents,” says Dr. Chris Tebbutt RVH vice president Academic and Medical Affairs and co-chair, Barrie-area OHT planning table.

“So we just stopped doing it,” Marv says. Although it felt better to raise cattle that weren’t drugged up, economically it was hard to rationalize the decision. Sales barns in the Midwest feed into the industrial agricultural system and make no distinction between grass-fed beef and doped up beef. A farmer just pulls his trailer up to the sales barn, drops the cattle off, and the buyers—huge conglomerates like Hormel, Tyson Foods, or Swift—establish the price for that day. Farmers found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Many opted to cut back on hormones and make up the extra cash in town working a full time job. The key to sustaining an organic, traditional farming operation is to link the small farms of the Driftless with nearby big city markets. Jamie’s man on the ground in cities of the Midwest is Todd Moore, a veteran of Chicago’s punk-rock kitchens and Milwaukee’s best French restaurants.

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He runs sales and operations for Jefferson Twp., which means he is in a lot of restaurants, speaking with a lot of chefs, passing out a lot of sample slabs of grass-fed beef and pork. Todd came up under acclaimed chef Paul Kahan at Blackbird in Chicago and was chef de cuisine at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee, one of America’s finest French restaurants. James Beard-winning Chefs Paul Bartolotta and Adam Seigal and their new chef de cuisine at Lake Park, Miles P. Borghgraef, were Jefferson Twp.’s first customers. We meet Miles as he’s putting the final touches on a full lamb that’s been roasting with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil since about seven in the morning. Todd procured the meat for him from Jefferson Twp.’s Driftless farms, and Miles can’t stop talking about it. “It’s so much better,” Miles gushes. “You can taste the grain that it’s finished on, you can taste the grass it was raised on.

It’s pretty incredible. And I am just eating as much as I possibly can at home. For Todd this is one of the best jobs he’s ever had. It’s like Christmas in the Midwest and he’s Santa Claus, showing up with cuts of beef and pork and lamb that allow chefs like Miles to do any number of crazy things. Experiment with aging and curing processes, serve exclusive meals and send their customers into food comas, forcing them to stagger up and ask, “What was that? “This is really what we should all be eating,” Todd says. “I mean, let’s be real, the commodity system is pretty offensive, is it not? Food like this, the food we’re eating and preparing here, it’s the type of food that can spark a revolution. Maybe not in the way we live right away, but definitely in the way we eat, and what we expect to have access to. I mean, I have a daughter, right?

But right now, at current food prices, it’s next to impossible. Todd sells to some of the best restaurants in Milwaukee and Chicago, and helps put together lavish meals for high-end clients featuring the best Jefferson Twp. Miles remembers how long it took to convince his bosses buy into the idea, and he still purchases from the massive food groups to service his buzzing kitchen. “I need a thousand filet mignons a week,” Miles says with a shrug. “I’d love to get it all from Jefferson Twp., but they can’t do that right now. It’s the summer solstice and I’m heading southwest on Wisconsin State Highway 14 toward Vernon County to meet a wizard. Vernon County is the self-proclaimed heart of the Driftless region, with Viroqua as its capital. Here a “harmonic convergence” of back-to-the-land hippies fleeing modern civilization and beleaguered activist farmers trying to stave off the 1980s Farm Crisis took a final stand against the waves of consolidation and commodification which were destroying the small family farm.


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